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Screen Printin vs DTG printing

Screen printing involves pushing ink onto the fabric through a stencil, while Direct to Garment (DTG) is a modernized method of printing that uses a printer to apply the ink directly to the t-shirt.

Screen printing:

  • Great for printing bold t-shirts designs
  • Can do multiple colours but set up involves more labour
  • Perfect for larger batches of custom designs on MANY different substrates i.e. t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, umbrella, bags and more
  • Can print multiple special effects
  • Print thousands in a day!
  • Allows for thicker deposit of ink providing vibrant prints
  • Other processes involved i.e. making the screens

Direct to garment printing:

  • Fantastic for detailed t-shirt designs
  • Great for designs with MANY colours
  • Perfect for smaller batches of custom designs
  • Useful for printing to order
  • Print full colour photos onto t-shirts with ease
  • No screens/physical set up, all artwork is process on PC

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